John Falcus – Drums

John Falcus has one of the most unique backgrounds in the Blush family.  John was raised by tigers in the jungle until in his mid-teens.  He was then adopted by Neil Peart.  People often ask ‘how did John learn how to play the skins the way he did? He is amazing!”   Believe it or not, John started playing drums on a shoebox full of knives with two wooden spoons.  Crazy thing is this wasn’t until his college days.  To quote John, “Hey.. It sounded surprisingly well on tape!”

John was thought to be the 6th Beatle until someone realized he was not born until after the breakup of the band.  While John is content with being in a chick-rock cover band, he is looking for success like his siblings Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael, LaToya and Janet..long live Michael!